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1974 Datsun Patrol

Found in the NSW countryside, this paddock basher is seeing a new lease of life as our shop truck.
It's weather beaten exterior made the perfect base for an eye catching resto-mod.

G60 Patrol.jpg

A mess would be an understatement. Caked in years of grass, mud and God knows what else, the first thing we did after rolling it into our driveway was pressure wash the inside and out of the Patrol. The steel tray was then removed to allow easy access to the rear end. 

Immediately after washing, the chassis black was applied. We then brought the rolling chassis in to replace the rear suspension and brake components.
After fixing the wiring, and doing an oil change, the engine was test run to confirm all the basics worked before disassembly. The cab was then removed and another pressure wash of the exposed engine and chassis was completed. 
Most of the engine ancillaries were removed, the block was wire brushed & cleaned, and then paint was applied. 

With the block painted, the rest of the engine could follow. With the chassis off, it was the opportune time to give the gearbox the same treatment. 

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