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It's not just about making something shiny and new, it's about attention to detail and respect for the originality of the product.

Our team strives for the best, whether it be a classic or modern vehicle, and will use the best materials we can find to bring your vision to life. 

While responsible for mechanical work, we also manage the logistics of your project to ensure all facets are covered; mechanical, electrical, paint, panel and trimming.

This ensures a cohesive finish that is well worth the time, money and effort involved. 



With access to OEM parts and data, your vehicles warranty is safe with us.

Each service is conducted in accordance to manufacturer specifications, backed by both us and our parts suppliers. 

Part of this service is the lubrication of hinges and sunroofs, as well as the checking and tightening of all suspension components - as requested by the manufacturer. 

Conducting regular logbook servicing is the most pro-active way of ensuring your car remains in its best shape throughout ownership. 

Classic restoration 

Before deciding to restore a vehicle, you need to know what you're goal is. Are you trying to daily drive your classic? Do you want a piece you could display in a museum? 

Restoration is more than just glossy paint and shiny chrome.
Our responsibility is to create something that not only looks good, but is safe and reliable as well. 

During the building process, almost every facet of your vehicle will be examined for these qualities, and repaired or replaced as needed, to guarantee we meet those requirements. 

As part of our consultation, together we will decide on the optimal direction for your vehicle so that you can be satisfied with the final assembly. 


Media blasting 

The advantage of media blasting over conventional methods of abrasion, is that delicate items can be cleaned without damaging the surface of said object. 

Years of rust, grit, and grime can be removed with ease, leaving a prepared finish ready for paint or reassembly. 

It is our preferred method of abrasion, and most often used when dealing with glass, brass or other soft materials.

A range of different media is available, and our in house blasting cabinet can fit most odd jobs within it.


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