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About Us

I began my car journey over 50 years ago, sitting on my late Fathers lap, steering our 1966 VW Beetle along the main road of Colombo, Sri-Lanka.

Experts say first impressions count the greatest and influence our lives, and in my case those experiences steered me towards a life of wanting to repair and improve anything mechanical. Cut to 15 years later in Australia where I officially became a mechanic, 35 years ago, and apart from spending 10 years in the Australian Army, where my mechanical aptitude caused me to become a Telecommunications Systems Technician, I have lived, breathed and dreamt cars.

I purchased Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical in 2020 and moved to our current premises in Norman Street to expand the business and take it in a direction I have always wanted to head. I get a real buzz from taking a car that is not performing properly and returning it to its owner functioning as well, if not better than it ever has.

We have partnered with many leading brands in the automotive industry such as XFORCE, Go Fast Bits, Liqui Moly and Brian Tanti's Workshop to provide our customers with the best the industry can offer. Brian has instilled in me a love of restoration and fabrication, this translates into Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical being able to offer its customers an individually tailored service for restoring and putting their classic or collectable car back on the road.

Automotive servicing and repair should not involve doubt and distrust; something that has sadly crept into the industry over the years. I am constantly striving to improve the knowledge and abilities of our staff to change that.

Here at Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical we take your vehicle and fix issues and problems with the best parts and best trained technicians available.

Warren Lisboa-Pinto, Owner 


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