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QUARTERLY newsletter
 edition TWO, july 2021

Welcome again! This is the second publication of our newsletter here at Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical and we hope our first issue provided some useful information and tips on how to maintain and keep your car performing as it should. It has been our pleasure to allow many of you to take advantage our newsletter specials of which there are more to come this issue so please read on!

- Warren Lisboa-Pinto


In our continuing quest to bring customers the market leading parts and equipment, we are now pleased to announce our partnering with SWD (Specialised Wholesale Distribution), the Aust-ralian Distributors for TAG and BRiNK Towbars and Accessories. 


TAG have been designing and manufacturing towbars in Australia for over 35 years and are one of the last remaining Australian man-ufacturers. As their local authorised agent, we can now supply and fit towing equipment to over 90% of vehicles on the road! TAG Towbars are designed, engineered, and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of the Vehicle Stan- dards (Australian Design Rule 62/02 – Mechanical Connections Between
Vehicles) 2007.


BRiNK European Towing Equipment provides European style towbars for all makes and models of European vehicles. They partner with almost all major European car manufacturers and pro-duce over 1 million towbars annually. BRiNK towbars are designed and tested in their own testing facility to meet R55 (UN/ECE) requ-irements which are equivalent to ADR 62/02 under ISO 1176:1990 and ISO 7237:1993 a

Whether it's for your work ute or to tow the boat on a Sunday afternoon, be sure to contact us during business hours at 9534 1568 (or alternatively the agent hotline at 9000 1192) for all your towbar and towing needs!


Another new development at Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical recently is that we now proudly offer both Afterpay and American Express!

Afterpay allows our customer to book in their vehicle today and be relieved of some stress knowing they can pay later in the form of four fortnightly interest free instalments. To join Afterpay or to just learn more, visit:

Further, our customers may now use their American Express (AMEX) credit cards in store, allowing them to earn points for some of the fantastic benefits and rewards the global travel, financial, and network service provider offers. For more info on American Express, please visit:

''Hey Ollie... Oils ain't Oils!''

I would like to discuss oils and oil change intervals. It appears that many new vehicles on the market are pushing the envelope when it comes to recommended oil change intervals, with many now only requiring one every 12 months or 20,000kms. There has also been a shift to thinner and thinner oils which cater to smaller, turbocharged, high output engines. 

I personally believe that whilst your engine oil may withstand this extent of time, it is almost impossible for your oil filter to effectively filter the oil, producing a progressively more polluted output of oil. When this occurs, most quality filter will go into 'bypass' and stop filtering your oil, leading to possible engine contimination and unnecessary wear. 

An average oil and filter change will cost approximately $150 - a small price to pay to ensure your engine is performing to its greatest ability and life span. If you are concerned as to the age of your current oil and filter, please feel free to visit the shop or contact us during business hours and we would be happy to check it out!


Tyres and Tyre Life


We often get surprised looks from customers when we tell them their tyres need replacing - particu-larly when visually, the tyre appears to still have tread and be safe to drive on.

Being made of rubber, tyres have a finite lifespan. Foremost, the obvious wear and tear reduces to amount of tread available to provide grip as well as move water away to prevent slip. The rubber compound itself however has a limited life. On average, tyres are good for 8 years - this may be greatly reduced by exposure to different elements including the sun. Tyres may develop cracks and splits which compromises their integrity and therefore safety. This is why many 4WD manufacturers provide a warranty for tyres mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

We are always happy to discuss your tyre needs and can provide you with a large range of replacement options to suit your needs and fit your budget. Please visit the shop or contact us during business hours at 9534 1568.

Issue Two Special:


Book in a service, mention you read our newsletter and get $50 off the filters!*


Book in for a TAG or BRiNK towbar installation, mention the newsletter and get $100 off your towbar!*


*Please note: offer is only valid from July 2021 until September 2021, for one time use (one per customer, per vehicle), for one option (filters OR towbar discount), and is not negotiable ie. exchangeable for cash, used as credit for other products/services, complied with other offers.

Lastly, please let us know what were doing right but more importantly, if we get it wrong occasionally, so we can continue to improve.

Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical is here to help keep your car running at its best and we strive to do the best job at the best price at every opportunity.

We wish all our customers a safe and uneventful driving experience and look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the workshop!

- Warren and the team!

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